Golden Tree Release

So having written and recorded a few up-tempo and pretty raw blues / rock ‘n’ roll tracks across a week or so last year, and mastering them very quickly in my bedroom, my good friend and the super talented Ninian Doffmade an amazing music video one of them – ‘Golden Tree’.

We’ve been really happy with the response of the video on line!  On vimeo it’s had over 250,000 hits, and on youtube around 25,000!  The video is a showcase of 50 no handed bike moves performed to the song.  We had an absolute blast making it and you can watch it on my videos page!

So although lots of my music is acoustic, and despite having written tonnes of songs, I haven’t officially released anything yet.  With ‘Golden Tree’ getting such a great response though, I’ve decided to do a proper release of that as an EP.  I’ve re-mixed the tracks with my good and also very talented friend Henrik Ekeus, and have also laid down some real drums with the help of the excellent Pete Grant (instead of my programmed drums on the original).

So to finish this rather long tale, I’ve sent the tracks for mastering, and should get to hear the finished article this week!  So the EP should be out soon!  That is all.


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Golden Tree Bannar.jpg