Golden Tree Music video

The music video for Golden Tree was made by the very talented Ninian Doff.  A professional display of 50 no handed bike moves* performed to Golden Tree by Martin Brooks.  *Approved by the official federation of no handed bike skills.

Keep Your Hat on – Filmed

Here’s a video of me playing my song, “Keep Your Hat On”. Filmed by Adrian Westaway

Julia The Whale – Live

Martin Brooks plays his song ‘Julia The Whale’ at the Waterline Bar – huge shout out to the wonderfully talented Meg Cavannaugh, Alex Berger and Jharda for their backing vocals.

‘The Evergreens’ – Live

Martin Brooks playing his song, ‘The Evergreens’ live at The Old Queens Head

‘Golden Tree’ – Live and Acoustic

Martin playing an acoustic version of his song ‘Golden Tree’ at Off Broadway in London Fields.