Music & Sound Design for ‘Vitamins’ Lego Calendar Video

For Vitamins, London based designers & inventors, I composed this music (as well as some bleepy noises) to accompany their Lego Calendar video – showcasing a great product that links your google calendar with a real life lego calendar. The shaker sound in the music is from a glass full of lego pieces – why use a real shaker when you have lego? Also, the fiddle is played by my Slow Wolf bandmate, Duncan Menzies

Here’s the music without any dialogue (and a few bleepy bits left in for good measure!)

Generative Soundscape for United Visual Artists ‘Vanishing Point’

Generative soundscape for United Visual Artists piece, Vanishing Point; a perspective grid of lasers that reshape physical boundaries, creating evolving divisions, volumes and rooms. The MaxMSP programming side was carried out with Liam Donovan.

Generative Soundscape for United Visual Artists ‘Serpentine Pavilion Intervention’

A generative soundscape for United Visual Artists electrical storm intervention inside Sou Fujimoto’s geometric cloud like structure at the Serpentine Gallery, London. Created with logic audio and Max/MSP.

Music for DDB’s E-Christmas Card

A commission to compose music for DDB’s e-Christmas card. It was a very fast commission, completed over a weekend and the brief was to create music that was metallic sounding, upbeat, exciting and with a Christmas undertone. The film was shot and edited by Ninian Doff.

Music & Soundscapes for ‘Fragments’, Interactive Tapestries by Adriana Paice

I created some 200 separate soundscapes & mini compositions for Adriana Paices interactive tapestries exhibition, Fragments. Some of these can be heard in this promotional short film.

Three voices were recorded, reciting poetry by New York based poet Ri Pierce-Grove. These were edited these into the 200 or so fragments of verse, forming the basis on which to create soundscapes & compose music. These fragments form the soundscape for this film as well as the artworks.

Sound Design for Ninian Doff’s short film ‘Oh Dear’

Ninian Doff made this great (hand drawn!) animation 4 years ago and recently found it, dusted off the cobwebs and finished it. I did the soundscape / soundtrack – have a watch.