Recording some tracks for the forthcoming EP.  Photo by Ben Walker

Recording some tracks for the forthcoming EP. Photo by Ben Walker

Martin Brooks is a Scottish blues/folk singer-songwriter, and composer; now living in London.  When he was a kid he met a giant fish called Eddie who had a tattoo of a guitar on his back. Eddie taught Martin all he needed to know about chords, finger picking and alternate tunings. It’s all true, except for the Eddie the fish part.

Martin has a growing reputation as a singer-songwriter who’s characterful vocals, lovely finger-picking style and haunting harmonica make folk stop and listen. Inspiration for Martin’s ever growing repertoire comes from the ordinary – house moving, awkward personal experiences and so on – to the fantastical: touching, escapist, bizarre-yet-true tales from the natural world. Solo, or with his band, his sound varies from raw rhythmic stomps to delicate finger picking – emotionally driven, at times quirky but always with memorable foot-tapping melodies.  When he plugs in and turns electric, a touch of rock ‘n’ roll splendour takes things up a notch. He has worked with a range of clients, providing high quality composed music and sound design for motion picture and interactive art, a sample can be found here.

He has recently released ‘GOLDEN TREE’ - an electric rock n roll / blues EP, and is currently working on the followup.  For more of Martin’s adventures, here are some links:

FACEBOOK – Martin Brooks on Facebook

SLOW WOLF – Experimental Folk Blues

Martin Brooks Design - Audio / visual and a little in between



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